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New Kawasaki Z400 Naked - 2020

Kawasaki - Z400 - 2020.jpg

Kawasaki announces new Z400 2020 for Brazil lighter powerful than previous version. The novelty will be officially launched on the national market in August 2019, during the Festival Duas Rodas, at the Interlagos track.

The new Kawasaki Z400 has a suggested public price of R$ 22,990.00 (without shipping) and will be available from the second half of August at the brand's stores throughout the country.

Created to be a true supernaked, smaller size, the Kawasaki Z400 brings elements shared with the Ninja 400 and that reinforce characteristic aspects of the larger models of the Line Z, such as lightness, agility and, of course, sportiness.

The new Kawasaki Z400 2020 arrives in Brazil lighter, 23% more powerful with 40% more torque than its predecessor, the Z300. Among the main changes for the new model are changes to the engine, chassis and design.

Developed in parallel with the Ninja 400, the Z400 reaches a new level of performance after significant engine and chassis improvements, while maintaining the unmistakable Sugomi concept.


The Z400 arrives with a new 399cc engine designed to maintain a balance between performance and control, offering better performance in all rev ranges, smoothness and linearity in power delivery, efficiency in consumption and good torque from low revs.


It is so compact that it can easily be compared to a 250cc engine, despite the larger cubic capacity.

Mounted on a new chassis derived from the super sports Ninja H2, the Z400 offers unrivaled maneuverability, which substantially facilitates piloting.


And this is an important feature both for those who are entering the world of two wheels and for the more experienced ones who want a more agile, fun and more interesting motorcycle for their daily lives.


An ergonomic riding position, with higher handlebars, makes it possible to accommodate a diverse range of riders of different heights or riding styles, in addition to providing a more natural and comfortable control of the motorcycle, favoring daily driving or longer distances.

Measuring 310 mm (same size as those used on the Z1000), the semi-floating front disc provides the Z400 with high braking power. A new front brake master cylinder contributes to better control, while the hose dimensions and material have been carefully selected, aiding in more precise engagement.

Also noteworthy is the combination of a narrower seat and a seat height of just 785 mm, which gives the rider an unobstructed line for his feet to reach the ground.

In addition to contributing to the look of the Z400, the new LED headlamps are more efficient and have greater lighting, favoring safety.

The panel is the same that equips the Z650, offering an easy-to-read data design, with a digital tachometer that simulates an analog tachometer, in addition to a gear indicator in the center and a multifunctional LCD screen on the bottom.

New Kawasaki Z400 2020 Price


The Kawasaki Z400 will reach the dealership network from the second half of August with a Suggested Public Price of R$ 22,990.00 (without shipping) in the colors Candy Lime Green/Metallic Spark Black and Candy Cardinal Red/Metallic Flat Spark Black.

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