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We are passionate about equipment  of stereo, old cars and motorcycles.

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We like to get together for a review.


Since our childhood, we have always been passionate about sound equipment, old cars and motorcycles.

Our friendship cycle has been around for a long time, always with people who are somehow sympathetic to the topics.

We get together whenever we can to do something related to these Hobbies.

If you like sound, like vintage cars and have a special passion for motorcycles, then you've come to the right place.

Here we will spend our time showing what we have been doing about these issues, where we have been with our motorcycles, what we are doing to improve our sound equipment projects, the improvements and adaptations in our cars and motorcycles, in short, our day to day.

We take the opportunity to do maintenance on what we like the most and show you. We are adept at "do it yourself".

We are open to exchanging ideas and experiences so that we can absorb what you have to teach us and also share a little of our experience.

The art of the challenge of seeking new knowledge is what encourages us to exchange ideas with people who share the same inspiration.

We meet whenever we have an availability and you can join us and participate with us.

While we do activities such as changing oil, filters, cleaning and polishing, changing lamps, installing accessories, lubricating chains, changing pads, installing exhausts and tips, among other activities, we are going to review.



The review is an approach that proposes the construction of relationships between the properties of an analyzed object, describing it and listing aspects considered relevant about it. In journalism, it is used as a way of providing a service. It can be an opinionated text and, therefore, it gathers comments of personal origin and the reviewer's judgments about the value of what is analyzed.

Source: Wikipedia

What we want is to have both a physical and virtual environment where we can have space to do and talk about what we like, enjoying good music and enjoying a very cold beer.

Be welcome.

God bless us all.

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