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Traveling by motorbike to the northeast of Brazil

Updated: Mar 3

Beauties spread across this country of ours that only those who leave the sofa notice.

On January 19, 2020, we started our motorcycle trip to the northeast.

It was 50 days of great emotions!!!

We've been there several times but believe me, this trip was the best trip we've taken in our lives.

Some will say it's crazy to leave Volta Redonda - RJ and go to Fortaleza on a motorbike.

Others will say that if you went by car you would enjoy it much more, after all, everyone has an opinion on this subject.

Here we will tell you about our motorcycle trip to the northeast and the experiences we had.

At the end of the first day of the trip we arrived in Villa Velha - ES and were welcomed by the couple of long-time friends, Mizinho, Marlene and their children.

They are motorcyclists too.

One of our greatest treasures we have are friends.

Beautiful memories.
These images are of Aracruz ES taken with our drone on the day we left Vitória - ES.

Taking a long trip is not easy not only when you go by car but especially when you go on a motorbike.

The planning for this trip was carried out well in advance, more than 12 months.

We planned it down to the smallest detail because the objective was to go to Fortaleza CE, passing along the Brazilian coast, entering and getting to know the main capitals of this route and also the most famous tourist attractions.

Below I describe these locations:

* Grauapari -ES

* Vila Velha - ES

* Vitória - ES

* Porto Seguro - BA

* Arraial D'ajuda - BA

* Trancoso - BA

* Cabrália - BA

* Ilhéus - BA

* Ilha de Vera Cruz - BA

* Salvador - BA

* Praia do Forte - BA

* Aracaju - SE

* Maceió - AL

* Barra de São Miguel - AL

* Praia do Francês - AL

* Praia do Gunga - AL

* Praia da Sereia - AL

* Praia Paripueira - AL

* Maragogi - AL

* Recife - PE

* Olinda - PE

* João Pessoa - PB e suas praias

* Natal - RN

* Fortaleza - CE

* Canoa Quebrada - CE

* Praia do Japonês - CE

* Praia do Futuro - CE

Cabrália Porto Seguro - BA.

Everywhere we arrived we were welcomed by our hosts.

In this case in the image above, we were approached by the beach in Cabrália (Porto Seguro - BA) and invited to have an afternoon coffee with our friend who appears in the foreground - Messias who introduced the whole family to us.

He is also a motorcyclist and carries with him the essence of brotherhood.

Taking the wrong path is part of it and doesn't take away the joy of traveling!

After passing through Vera Cruz Island - BA, we continued by ferry towards Salvador. An hour of sailing and we arrived in Salvador.

As we are going up the coast and passing through Ilhéus and Valença, it was much more worth going this way by taking the ferry in Bom Despacho - BA.

This avoided the need to head towards Feira de Santana - BA and then head towards Salvador.

Once we've stayed in Salvador, now it's time to relax a little and make the most of what we have planned for this capital!

Barra Lighthouse in Salvador. The next day we will continue to Ilhéus passing through Praia do Forte.

In the background, another biker friend we met on this trip. He told us to visit Lagoa dos Tambaquis, which you will see in a moment.

Time to move on. On this trip we drove 8400km and here we had only driven 1500km, there is a lot of road ahead.

For those who prefer, the videos of this trip are on our MJ232 YouTube channel.

Praia do Forte in Bahia.

A hug for our friend Parrá and also our friend Rogério from Feira de Santana - BA.

Lagoa dos Tambaquis - Once again very well received by the hosts.

A little more about the Lagoon. The kiosks are in the water.

Arriving in Aracajú, we couldn't help but taste the real CAJÚ.

Aracaju - The friendliness of the hosts when they identify with our adventure is impressive. They think it's too far for us to go by motorbike. "They don't even believe it." The people here are very friendly!

Still about Aracaju - From here, we begin to have a real perception of how intense the summer in the northeast is. Very good ! Despite being on the beach in Atalaia, at first we preferred the privacy of the hotel.

About Maceió - Al - As I said at the beginning of this post, there are countless beauties to be explored in our country, but on this trip the place that I found exuberant in its beauty and the contrast of colors in the environment is Maceió. If you're coming to this side of here, don't miss the beauty of Maceió, I think you won't regret it.

If I were to put everything I saw in these parts here, I would have to make an e-book.

Moving on, leaving the Maceió area but still within the state of Alagoas is Maragogi. A place of natural beauty that is well worth spending a few days here to take the different tours of your choice through packages sold at this point where it appears in the images.

A little further on is Porte de Galinhas. Open sea beaches with beautiful landscapes but be careful as the beach here is not for amateurs. Saves lives everywhere. I still recommend visiting it as it is part of the beautiful landscapes and beaches of the northeast.

The next destination is João Pessoa - PB but first we will pass through Recife - PE and Olinda - PE. They are cities close to each other.

Another very interesting point with above-average landscapes is João Pessoa.

So far the trip has been very pleasant. There are those who think that traveling by motorcycle is synonymous with suffering, but you can believe that, if you plan well both financially and in terms of resources such as equipment and going a little further, making your trip a stroll, I am sure that you will lose out. not only this fear of traveling by motorcycle, but especially if the trip is long.

João Pessoa - PB - We were from the top of the tallest building in the northeast, enjoying the city of João Pessoa, 85 floors high. The building is open to visitors. There is a fee per person for the visit, but it is worth it as you will feel at your best. If you are in Jão Pessoa, find out how to get here and enjoy.

João Pessoa - PB - Check this out! Color contrast too. That's just a coin of what's out here. We were in the company of our cousin Hélio who kindly took us to see wonderful places in João Pessoa.

João Pessoa - A little more about the beauty of this place.

João Pessoa - PB - Lagoa dos Jacarés on the Por do Sol promenade.

We are on the boat in the middle of the lagoon watching the sunset listening to Havel's bolero played by saxophonist Jurandir on his mini boat sailing and playing around the boat where we are.

João Pessoa - PB - Jurandir from SAX.

To finish João Pessoa, check out this sunset below:

Let's move on because now our next destination is Natal - RN.

Natal - RN - Many beauties here too, especially the dunes that deserve to be known.

Canoa Quebrada - CE - Here the place is small with narrow, cobblestone streets. I recommend making your reservation in advance so that you don't have to look for a place to stay after you arrive. As the streets are narrow, getting around is difficult and you won't find a place to stop easily. Things get a little more difficult if you're on a motorbike, with all your clothes and luggage, under that 40-degree sun and needing to stop on those cobblestone streets with sand on top. It's asking to fall.

However, it's worth coming here.

Beaches, Dumas, Bugres rides

A little more about Canoa Quebrada.

Fortaleza - CE - We arrived at our destination. Climb along the excellent coastline and finally arrive in Fortaleza. Now we just have to enjoy these beautiful landscapes, beaches, resorts and much more.

Nightlife, lots of options in Fortaleza.

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